11 Piano Accessories that Enhance Playing and Practice

Playing the piano is a profoundly rewarding experience that stimulates creativity, expression, and personal well-being. However, having the right accessories can greatly enhance your enjoyment, development, and musical journey with the piano. This article explores must-have accessories for pianists that not only optimize playing and practice but also maintain and protect your piano.

Essential Accessories for All Pianists

Certain accessories are fundamental for all pianists, from beginners getting started to advanced players honing their craft. Investing in these provides comfort, support, visibility, and maintenance that enables unhindered musical growth.

Piano Benches

An adjustable piano bench is by far one of the most critical accessories for pianists. Unlike normal chairs, a piano bench allows you to sit at an ideal height to easily reach the keyboard and pedals. Models with padded seats provide comfort during long practice sessions while backless designs enable free body movement for proper technique.

Look for sturdy benches with height adjustment levers that can accommodate players of all ages and sizes, you can read our guide on Best Piano Benches for All Budgets. Duet benches with extra width suit those learning or playing with a partner. Storage benches allow you to neatly tuck away music books and folders. Ultimately, the right piano bench facilitates proper posture, comfort, and accessibility for focused practice.


metronome is an invaluable tool for developing a strong sense of timing and rhythm. The steady audible click provides a precise reference point to play along with, highlighting inconsistencies in your tempo. With dedicated practice using a metronome, you can effectively improve timing skills.

Look for reliable mechanical or digital models that provide clear click sounds. Adjustable settings giving a range of tempo beats per minute allow you to start slow and increase speed with accuracy. As your rhythm skills develop, a metronome remains an indispensable accessory in your musical journey.

Music Stand Lights

Trying to sight read or play from sheet music in poor lighting can severely limit your learning and performance. A dedicated music stand light solves this problem by providing directed illumination over your scores.

Look for bright LED lamp models that you can clip onto any music stand. Go for adjustable gooseneck designs that allow positioning the light for reduced glare and optimal visibility over the pages. Cordless battery-powered lights provide portability if you want to practice anywhere without access to power outlets.

Cleaning Supplies

While not the most glamorous accessories, cleaning supplies help maintain your piano in optimal playing condition. Dust settling on the keys can affect touch sensitivity while buildup on the soundboard impacts tone quality.

Invest in a microfiber polishing cloth specifically designed to clean piano surfaces without causing scratches. Keep a soft brush handy to gently remove debris between keys and pedals. Use a specialized piano cleaning fluid sparingly on the cloth to remove grime and retain the glossy finish. Proper periodic cleaning keeps your piano in prime condition for musical enjoyment.

Accessories for Digital Pianos

In addition to the fundamental accessories above, digital pianos warrant some specific add-ons to enhance their functionality. Take advantage of the connectivity and versatility of your digital piano with these useful extras.

Keyboard Stands

While acoustic pianos have integrated stands, most lightweight portable digital pianos require an additional keyboard stand. A sturdy stand allows you to securely place your instrument at an ideal height for comfortable playing.

Look for height-adjustable X-type stands with rubber tips to prevent floor damage and slippage. If you prefer playing your digital piano on a desk, table, or as a stage piano, go for compact collapsible stands. For frequent transport choose a lightweight stand with foldable legs and carrying bag. Ultimately a stable stand optimizes positioning and safety.

MIDI Connectivity

The MIDI ports in digital pianos expand possibilities by allowing connection with computers and other instruments. Via an affordable MIDI interface you can utilize DAW software for music production, notation programs for scoring, and a plethora of piano learning apps.

USB-MIDI cables provide plug-and-play connectivity with your digital piano acting as a MIDI controller. For more advanced setups, dedicated MIDI interfaces add additional ports for connecting multiple instruments. Unleash the versatility of your digital piano with MIDI.


One of the best features of digital pianos is the ability to practice silently with headphones. Dedicated piano headphones provide an immersive personal listening experience that acoustic pianos cannot match. Read our more detailed guide on Best Headphones for Digital Pianos.

Look for over-ear sealed headphone models designed specifically for piano to enjoy all the nuances. Full-size earcups with soft padding allow for extended comfortable practice sessions. The latest digital pianos even have two headphone ports for quiet lessons or playing piano duets in private! With quality headphones, you can practice for hours without disturbing anyone.

Advanced Accessories for Enhanced Performance

Once you have the essentials covered and want to take your playing to the next level, consider these accessories for enhanced enjoyment. Discover new dimensions of sound, convenience, and creativity.

Speakers and Portable Amplifiers

The built-in speakers in digital pianos provide adequate sound for practice and leisurely playing. However, pianists doing live performances or recording can benefit from connecting dedicated sound systems. External speakers and portable amplifiers greatly boost the volume and audio quality from your digital piano.

Powered speakers and keyboard amplifiers are specifically designed to reproduce the dynamics and frequency range of pianos. Premium models even emulate the sound projection of grand pianos, allowing your digital piano to fill larger venues. Discover new realms of expression by amplifying your digital piano.

Recording Equipment

For pianists interested in composing their own music or reviewing practice sessions, recording gear is invaluable. Dedicated audio interfaces designed for studio-quality recording enable you to capture performances, compose multi-track songs, or share creations.

USB audio interfaces conveniently connect with your digital piano using a single cable while more advanced Thunderbolt options provide lower latency for responsive recording workflows. Pair your interface with a large diaphragm condenser microphone optimally positioned to pick up the piano’s soundboard. Recording accessories pave the way for creativity and productivity.

Maintenance and Protection Accessories

In addition to accessories enhancing the functionality of your piano, investing in protective equipment ensures safety, maintenance, and longevity of your instrument. Shield your precious piano from environmental threats.

Keyboard Dust Covers

Dust poses a major danger to your piano by potentially impeding movement of internal mechanisms. An easy first line of defense is getting a custom-fit keyboard dust cover. Made of smooth lightweight fabric, a dust cover shields your piano keys from settling debris when not in play.

Look for covers specifically contoured to match your piano model with durable elastic hems for a tight secure fit. Some even have spacious pockets to hold your music books or scores. Use your cover diligently after playing to prevent costly dust damage.


Moving an acoustic piano inevitably risks scuffing floors despite extreme care. Save your back and surfaces by installing smooth-rolling castor cups specifically designed for pianos. High-quality castors provide effortless mobility while ensuring stability when playing.

Look for double or triple wheel models made of hard rubber or polyurethane engineered for heavy instruments. Integrated brakes securely lock in position once positioned. Arrange professional fitting to attach castors without marring your piano’s finish. Castors make life easier when you need to periodically relocate your piano.

Selecting the Right Accessories

With such a diverse range of accessories available, focus your investments based on your playing needs. As a beginner, prioritize fundamental accessories supporting technique and maintenance. Intermediate players benefit most from accessories enhancing skill development. Advanced pianists would appreciate equipment that unlocks creativity.

Also ensure chosen accessories seamlessly work with your model of piano. Carefully check product dimensions and physical connectivity options for compatibility. Be wary of exceedingly cheap accessories that may break easily or not fit well. Read reviews and opt for recognized brands that offer quality assurances.

Invest wisely in this range of accessories to enhance your musical journey according to your piano, playing style and evolving needs as a pianist. Discover a world of convenience, creativity and confidence with the right supporting gear.


Piano accessories empower every pianist – from hobbyists to professional performers – by making playing more comfortable, effective, creative and enjoyable. Essential accessories like benches, metronomes and cleaning kits enable proper technique, skill development and piano maintenance. Advanced add-ons like recording interfaces, amplifiers and MIDI connectivity pave the way for new creative possibilities. Ultimately with the right accessories tailored to your needs, your piano practice flourishes while your musical passion thrives. Support your talent and nurture your potential by equipping your piano with this essential gear.

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