Roland FP-60X Review: The Versatile Keyboard


Brief overview of the Roland FP-60X digital piano

The Roland FP-60X digital piano is perfect for modern musicians. It offers a range of sounds, features, and a stylish design. The SuperNATURAL sound engine and 88-key Ivory Feel-G keyboard create immersive sound. Bluetooth audio/MIDI and iOS connectivity make it easy to integrate into music production. Onboard speakers let you practice or listen on-the-go.

The Roland FP-60X suits your needs and adds depth and clarity to your music – wherever you are: be it your bedroom or the concert hall.

Purpose of the review

This review of the Roland FP-60X digital piano aims to show potential buyers and players its key features, sound, and performance capabilities.

We’ll look at the design, components, connectivity options, sound quality, action feel, and other details. We’ll explain what makes this instrument stand out from its competitors. Plus, experienced players can get studio-level performance out of this portable digital piano. Also, it has beginner friendly features, making it great for those starting their musical journey.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Roland FP-60X Specs

  • 88 keys, PHA-4 standard keyboard with escapement and ivory feel
  • SuperNATURAL piano sound engine with 384 voices and 16 piano tones
  • Max. Polyphony: 256 voices
  • Bluetooth audio and MIDI connectivity
  • Twin Piano mode for side-by-side lessons or performances
  • Onboard speakers: 2 x 13W
  • Headphones: 2 x 1/4-inch stereo jack
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/8-inch stereo jack, 1 x 1/4-inch jack (pedal)
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4-inch jack (L/Mono, R)
  • MIDI I/O
  • USB port for MIDI communication and audio playback (WAV and MP3)
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Metronome with adjustable tempo and time signature
  • Recording: 3 tracks, 1 song (approximately 30,000 notes)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 51.5 x 11.75 x 5.87 inches
  • Weight: 41.2 lbs.
  • Includes DP-10 damper pedal and music rest[/box]

Design and Build Quality

Description of the FP-60X’s design

The Roland FP-60X digital piano is elegant and modern. Its black wooden cabinet has a stylish silver tone on the sides. The black keys have a simple feel, while the ivory touch keys have a luxurious look and feel. The metal pedals provide excellent sustain.

Roland FP-60X design

This digital piano has multiple USB ports for convenience. There are volume knobs on the left side of the keyboard. The built-in speakers provide high-quality, crystal clear sound. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect devices for practice sessions and performances on the go!

Examination of the build quality of the Roland FP-60X

The Roland FP-60X is an amazing digital piano! Its build quality and features make it perfect for both beginners and pro players. SuperNATURAL Piano powers the onboard sounds, offering an ultra-realistic playing experience with responsive keys. Plus, you can customize the sound with a three-band equalizer.

The cabinet is strong and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere. The metal chassis and wooden construction provide stable support, while the shock absorbers keep vibrations out. This gives the FP-60X a solid base for dynamic performance.

roland fp-60x design

The user interface is intuitive and packed with features. Setup is easy, with clear labels on the control panel. You’ll have total control over your soundscapes when you perform live or practice at home. With its craftsmanship and approachability, the Roland FP-60X is one of the top digital pianos today.

Sound Quality

Overview of the FP-60X’s sound technology

The Roland FP-60X digital piano is full of sound tech. At its core is SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling tech. This uses advanced computer modeling to recreate acoustic grand piano playing. It gives an organic and realistic sound, plus accurate expression and dynamics. Reverberation, character, amplified tone and decay time are recreated for a great experience.

It comes with extra sounds such as electric pianos, vintage organs and strings. You can blend external audio with your playing too. With a max of 256 notes, and 3 reverb intensity levels, you can find your ideal tone. Plus, several grand pianos in one instrument – no samples or pedals needed!

Evaluation of the Roland FP-60X sound quality and tone

The Roland FP-60X is a digital piano. It has a built-in sound engine, and can recreate the sound of an acoustic piano. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, USB and direct acoustic output.

This instrument has great sound quality and tone. The tones are dynamic and rich. At higher levels, the clarity and definition are maintained – even when layered with multiple voices or tracks. This offers the player a broad dynamic range for live or recording.

The built-in accompaniment makes it easy to switch between styles like Pop, Jazz and Latin. It can also connect wirelessly with compatible apps. The on-board metronome allows players to practice at any speed. The sounds reflect a professional quality level but are still accessible to anyone looking for a dynamic playing experience.


[su_spoiler title=”What is Polyphony?” style=”modern-light”]

Polyphony in digital pianos refers to the number of notes that can be played simultaneously. Most contemporary digital pianos come equipped with 64, 128, 192, or 256-note polyphony.

One might wonder how it’s possible to have so many notes playing at once when there are only 88 keys on the piano. Firstly, many modern digital pianos use stereo samples, requiring two or more notes for each key played.

Additionally, using the sustain pedal, sound effects such as Reverb and Chorus, dual-mode layering, and even the metronome ticking sound require additional notes of polyphony.

When the sustain pedal is depressed, the earliest played notes continue to sound while new notes are added, requiring the piano to store more memory to keep all the notes sounding.

Playing with a song playback or auto-accompaniment also requires polyphony for the notes and backing track.

When the polyphony limit is reached, the piano drops the earliest played notes to free up memory for new notes, which can affect the quality and fullness of the sound.

Although one may not always need all 192 or 256 voices of polyphony at once, there are instances when 64 or even 128-note limits can be reached, especially when layering multiple sounds or creating multi-track recordings.

Having at least 64 notes of polyphony is desirable for digital pianos.


The Roland FP-60X digital piano has an amazing 256-voice polyphony. This top-notch tech lets you layer complex music and record intricate parts without sound dropping out. Whether it’s classical or jazz pieces, the FP-60X makes it easy!

Plus, you can choose from a large selection of tones to add more character and nuance to your music – even beginners can select from grand pianos, organs, harpsichords, and mallets. Also, the onboard effects processor gives you access to a variety of reverb, chorus and eq presets to bring your songs to life.

In summary, the Roland FP-60X is a highly versatile instrument for all musical backgrounds.

Key Action and Playing Experience


The Roland FP-60X digital piano owns the PHA-4 Pro with a 88-key, Ivory Feel-G keyboard. It uses advanced hammer action technology to imitate the feeling of an acoustic grand piano. The keys’ surface is like real ivory and ebony, giving a realistic tone.

roland fp60x keyboard

The graded hammer action makes it easy to control dynamics. Escapement mechanism adds weight and detail to the lower keys, creating a grand piano feel with bite and response.

Four levels of touch sensitivity allow expressive playing. MIDI velocity measures how hard or soft you press down on the keys and reflects it in sound.

Discussion of the FP-60X’s key action

Digital and acoustic pianos differ in how they feel when played. Key action is important, as it can make a huge difference. The Roland FP-60X digital piano has PHA-4 Standard technology, giving it a grand piano feel. This 88-key keyboard detects hammer velocity and small changes in dynamics. It also includes sampled grand piano sounds.

roland fp-60x keyboard

The FP-60X has escapement motion, just like an acoustic piano. It responds quickly to your playing, so you won’t miss a note. It also has aftertouch control, for recording extra articulation. Plus, its improved key press distance and shorter key return travel make it enjoyable to use.

Evaluation of the playing experience

The playing experience of the Roland FP-60X Digital Piano is top-notch. Its weighted keybed offers a realistic feel, closely resembling an acoustic piano’s response. The 88-note hammer action keyboard adds expression and dynamics to each note.

Digital touch sensitivity lets one express nuances in playing styles. It features multiple timbres/tones and reverb/chorus settings on virtual amp controls. Plus 20 sounds onboard, such as electric pianos and jazz organs.

This digital piano also has WAV loops and 4 assignable drum pads. They wirelessly connect via MIDI to popular DAW software, like Ableton Live and Logic Pro. This makes it perfect for home studios and live performances.

Suitable for jazz, classical and pop, the Roland FP-60X has a lightweight frame for portability.


Overview of the FP-60X’s features

The Roland FP-60X is a digital piano made to feel like a grand. It has classic acoustic piano sounds, an 88-note Progressive Hammer Action Ivory Feel keyboard and a premium speaker system for sound projection.


  • Onboard Recording – Record performances with CD quality sound.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility – Stream from mobile devices and record into a DAW.
  • Triple Pedal Unit – Has an acousticdamper, soft and sostenuto pedal.
  • Smart Scoring System – Practice support with real audio feedback.
  • Piano Partner 2 App Compatible – 100 pieces of content available to download.

Discussion of the various modes and functions

The Roland FP-60X is perfect for everyone – from beginners to pros! It has 8 acoustic piano sounds that can be customized, plus two electric piano sounds, brass, organ tones and samples from classic drum machines. There are 32 preset rhythm patterns and 32 registration memories to store personal settings. In Dual mode, you can layer two instruments or split them between left and right channels. Plus, the practice assistant helps with melodies and arrangements.

roland fp-60x keys

This piano also has performance capabilities, like Bluetooth connectivity and one-touch buttons on the panel that let you turn effects on and off. And the touchscreen gives easy access to functions like tempo and sound selection – so you can have full control during performances.

Connectivity and Integration

Overview of the FP-60X’s connectivity options

The Roland FP-60X Digital Piano is perfect for music makers who want a simple, compact instrument. With Bluetooth tech, it can connect to any device that allows it. Plus, MIDI and USB ports let you link the FP-60X to computers, digital keyboards, and other gadgets such as music sequencers, synths, and virtual instruments.

roland fp60x connectivity

There are two headphone jacks too, so you can practice quietly. For audio/video recordings or live performances, there are two microphone/line outputs that can be connected to powered speakers. You can also plug the line out into an external audio system like a PA or stage piano.

In addition, the piano has a few other jacks, like:

  • Assignable Pedal Jacks
  • Exp Pedal Jack for volume control.

These connections offer users a lot of flexibility when connecting their keyboard to different devices, so they can create any kind of experience they want.

Examination of the Roland FP-60X compatibility with external devices

The Roland FP-60X is a top-notch 88-key digital piano, designed for performers. It has real, organic piano sounds and modern tech, making it one of a kind. It connects to external devices, with three options: Bluetooth, USB and MIDI 3.0 or 5 pin DIN.

Compatible devices include computers, drum machines and iPad/iPhone apps with MIDI. Bluetooth connection streams audio from the device to the piano. MIDI apps provide features like 16 track recording and virtual instrument functions.

The USB port on the FP-60X connects to computers. This accesses sounds from iPad/iPhone apps and virtual instrument plugins. Recording music on recording software is possible via USB, with just a microphone (if needed).

The five pin DIN MIDI keyboard connection is a more traditional way to connect controllers and keyboards. It has low latency performance, so playing virtual instruments is more natural than Bluetooth. Musicians get more control over sound manipulation at the source, with no need for third party equipment.

Pros and Cons

Summary of the FP-60X’s strengths and weaknesses

The Roland FP-60X Digital Piano is a lightweight, cost-effective digital piano. It features Roland’s decades of piano craftsmanship and SuperNATURAL sound engine for realistic tone. The keyboard action is also highly responsive.

It has Bluetooth connectivity and onboard recorder, making it great for both home and professional use. However, it has a low polyphony count, limiting the complexity of compositions.

Nevertheless, this instrument is one of the best value choices on the market. It has innovative features and functions suitable for demanding recording sessions or live performances. In short, this instrument is worth every musician’s consideration!

Recommendation for who this digital piano is best suited for

The Roland FP-60X digital piano is an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced players seeking a reliable, high-quality instrument that offers an authentic piano playing experience. With its SuperNATURAL piano sound engine, progressive hammer action keys, and a variety of onboard sounds, the FP-60X provides an expressive and dynamic range that accurately mimics the feel and touch of an acoustic piano.

Additionally, the Bluetooth functionality and compatibility with Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app make this instrument ideal for those who want to integrate technology into their practice sessions, enabling players to access interactive sheet music, practice tools, and even record their performances.

Moreover, the FP-60X is well-suited for gigging musicians and music educators alike, thanks to its lightweight and portable design. The built-in speaker system delivers a powerful and clear sound, making it suitable for small to medium-sized venues without requiring additional amplification.

For music teachers, the instrument’s dual headphone jacks allow for side-by-side instruction, making it an excellent choice for private lessons or group classes. In summary, the Roland FP-60X digital piano is a versatile and high-quality instrument that caters to the needs of a wide range of pianists, from aspiring professionals to dedicated educators.


Roland FP-60X final score

The FP-60X is an exceptional digital piano that has left me with little to criticize. The keys are of excellent quality, the sound is beautiful, and the construction is durable. The control scheme is also impressive, having been adapted from the award-winning FP-90.

That being said, it’s worth discussing the comparisons made between the FP-60X and the FP-30X. The FP-60X is pricier than the FP-30X, which is a significant consideration given that there isn’t a substantial upgrade despite the increased cost.

During my assessment, I noticed that the piano sounds on the FP-30X and FP-60X were nearly identical while listening through headphones, and it appears that many other users online share the same sentiment.

While the speakers on the FP-60X are undoubtedly superior, it’s worth noting that it’s the only significant difference between the primary piano sounds.

In addition, it’s worth examining the control scheme. While I may sometimes place too much emphasis on the user experience, the FP-60X genuinely boasts one of the market’s best user interfaces, which is miles ahead of the FP-30X’s previous-generation, minimalist interface.

Ultimately, I believe the FP-60X finds itself in an uncomfortable position. It improves on the FP-30X’s formula, but one can easily opt to sacrifice convenience to save money. While it may take a few extra minutes to achieve an ideal sound on the FP-30X, the outcome will be practically identical.

Without a doubt, the FP-60X is an outstanding digital piano that excels in nearly every aspect, making it difficult to find any flaws with the instrument.

Even when attempting to pinpoint any legitimate shortcomings, the only one that comes to mind is the ‘low effect count,’ further highlighting the FP-60X’s exceptional qualities.

However, it’s worth noting that the FP-30X is also an excellent instrument in its own right, despite sacrificing a few features to achieve a lower price point. It still includes all of the necessary features that make it a fantastic digital piano, leaving one to wonder which option is the best fit for them.

If you’re a performer, the FP-60X is an easy choice as it excels in every area that’s critical for live performances. Having readily available controls and helpful visual aids is often underappreciated until you find yourself in the heat of the moment, and Roland’s design undoubtedly deserves the accolades it receives.

The Roland FP-60X digital piano is a versatile and reliable instrument that suits a variety of musicians, from beginners to professionals. Here are some final thoughts on its key features:

  1. Sound Quality: The FP-60X boasts Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, which provides rich and authentic acoustic piano tones. The presence of other built-in sounds like organs, strings, and synths only enhances its versatility.
  2. Keyboard Action: The PHA-4 Standard keyboard action offers an expressive and responsive playing experience, closely mimicking the feel of an acoustic piano. The ivory feel keys with escapement provide a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience.
  3. Portability: With its relatively lightweight and compact design, the FP-60X is an excellent choice for musicians on the go, whether for gigs, rehearsals, or practice sessions.
  4. Connectivity: The FP-60X offers a variety of connectivity options, including Bluetooth for audio streaming and MIDI communication. This allows for easy integration with music production software and mobile apps for added functionality.
  5. Speaker System: The onboard speaker system delivers impressive sound quality for its size, suitable for home practice and intimate performances. The piano can be easily connected to external amplification systems for larger venues.
  6. Value for Money: The Roland FP-60X offers a great balance between price and features. It is affordable for those looking for a high-quality digital piano without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, the Roland FP-60X is a well-rounded digital piano that offers excellent sound quality, a satisfying playing experience, and useful features at a competitive price. It is an ideal choice for musicians of all levels seeking a reliable and versatile instrument for practice, performance, or composition.

Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”1. What is the Roland FP-60X?” state=”close”]

The Roland FP-60X is a high-end digital piano designed for players who demand an authentic sound and feel. It features 88 weighted keys, a realistic piano sound engine, and a wide range of built-in features to enhance your playing experience.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2. What is the difference between the Roland FP-60X and the FP-30X?” state=”close”]

The main difference between the Roland FP-60X and the FP-30X is the number of advanced features included with each piano. The FP-60X has more advanced features, such as a more powerful sound engine, better key action, and built-in Bluetooth connectivity, making it a better choice for advanced players and professional musicians.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”3. How does the Roland FP-60X sound?” state=”close”]

The Roland FP-60X features a SuperNATURAL piano sound engine that delivers an incredibly realistic piano tone. The sound is rich and full, with excellent dynamic range and a wide range of tonal variations that allow you to reproduce the nuances of your favorite music with ease.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”4. Is the Roland FP-60X easy to use?” state=”close”]

Yes, the Roland FP-60X is easy to use, thanks to its intuitive control panel and user-friendly interface. It also comes with a variety of built-in features that make it easy to navigate and adjust settings to suit your preferences and playing style.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”5. Can the Roland FP-60X be used in live performances?” state=”close”]Yes, the Roland FP-60X is an excellent choice for live performances, thanks to its powerful sound engine and realistic piano tone. It also features a variety of connectivity options, including MIDI and USB, which allow you to connect it to other devices and instruments.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”6. Is the Roland FP-60X worth the price?” state=”close”]

Yes, the Roland FP-60X is a high-end digital piano with advanced features and superb sound quality, making it an excellent choice for advanced players and professional musicians. While it may be more expensive than some other digital pianos on the market, it is well worth the investment for serious musicians who demand the best sound and feel.[/toggle]

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